Variable Shunt Reactors

Variable Shunt Reactors (VSR) are used for applications requiring a wide reactive power range with a non-dynamic regulation (e.g. wind farms).

Functions which may be achieved by VSRs

  • Maintain steady-state voltage limit conditions
  • Keep reactive power flow within predefined limits
  • Maintain a desired power factor



  • 3-phase oil immersed, iron-cored Variable Shunt Reactors
  • For reactive power compensation
  • STEPLESS adjustability in ON-LOAD condition over a wide power regulation range using the proven plunger core technique which allows a smooth transition between reactive power ratings
  • 3-phase power rating up to 50 MVAr 
  • Voltage level up to 132 kV (BIL < 550 kV) in solid grounded networks (graded insulation)
  • Stepless power regulation range 20-100 %
  • Typical regulation time from min to max power around 300 s 


Variable Shunt Reactor