Iron Core Reactors

Trench offers special reactors incorporating dry type iron cored reactors with air natural, air forced or water cooling. The application for such dry type iron cored reactors may range from smoothing reactors, shunt reactors, energy storage reactors, to name just a few.


Main features

  • Reactive power approx. 250 kVAr up to 30 MVAr (50 Hz equivalent)
  • System voltage up to ~24 kV
  • System DC or AC (single- or 3-phase)
  • Installation: indoors or cubicle mounted
  • Cooling: WF, AN, AF, AV (air-ventilated)
  • Core design: dry type, core or shell-type
  • Tailor made based on customer‘s specification
  • Conductor material: Aluminium or copper
  • For WF cooling with integrated hollow conductors




Key Applications

  • Industrial Power Conversion:
    • Large variable-speed drives (e.g. for steel industry, oil pumps and compressors for oil and gas transportation)
    • Electrochemical industry (e.g. galvanotechnics)
  • Naval and Railway Sector
    • Large variable-speed drives for ships
    • Stationary power conversion for railway systems
  • Power System (Energy-)Sector
    • Current limiting and harmonic filtering
    • Di/Dt limiting saturable reactors
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)-Systems
    • Especially HV UPS-Systems