Earth Fault Protection System

Resonant grounded systems suppress transient ground faults and enable to continue power supply even during single pole earth faults.
Exact compensation of the capacitive earth fault current by an inductive current of equal magnitude will result in a minimum residual fault current.  A common solution is to tune a stepless adjustable Arc Suppression Coil (ASC) by means of an automatic tuning device as close as possible to the actual network condition.

A wide tuning range of the ASC allows the user to react immediately (on-load-tuning) to switching operations in the sound network and also to cover a possible increase of the capacitive earth fault current due to network expansion or replacement of overheadlines by cables.

Trench is offering a modular Earth Fault Protection System consisting of 

  • a stepless adjustable Arc Suppression Coil (ASC) that is employed to compensate the capacitive fault current of single phase earth faults in the resonant grounded network,
  • an automatic Earth Fault Compensation Controller (EFC) that facilitates the automation of the ASC and
  • a selective Earth Fault Detection Device (EFD) that provides reliable and selective detection of high impedance earth faults. 
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