Air Core Reactors
Filter Reactors

Filter Reactors are used in conjunction with capacitor banks to form series tuned harmonic filter circuits, or in conjunction with capacitor banks and resistors to form broadband harmonic filter circuits. When specifiying filter reactors, the magnitudes of fundamental and harmonic frequency current should be indicated. If inductance adjustment for fine-tuning is required, the required tapping range and tolerance must be specified.

Many filter applications require a Q factor that is much lower than the natural Q of the reactor. This is often achieved by connecting a resistor in the circuit.
An economical alternative is the addition of a de-Q'ing ring structure on a reactor. This can reduce the Q factor of the reactor by a significant amount without the necessity of installing additional damping resistors.
These rings, mounted on the reactor, are easily coupled to the magnetic field of the reactor. This eliminates the concern of space, connection and reliability of additional components such as resistors.