Air Core Reactors
Current Limiting & Power Flow Control Reactors

Reactors are connected in series with the line or feeder. Typical uses are fault-current reduction, load balancing in parallel circuits, limiting inrush currents of capacitor banks, etc.

Current Limiting Reactors reduce the short-circuit current to levels within the rating of the equipment on the load side of the reactor. Applications range from the simple distribution feeder reactor to large bus-tie and load-balancing reactors on systems rated up to 765 kV / 2100 kV BIL.

Power Flow Control Reactors change the line impedance characteristic such that power flow over parallel circuits is optimally balanced, thus ensuring maximum power transfer over adjacent transmission lines.

Special Current Limiting Reactor Applications:
Duplex Reactors which consist of two half coils, wound in opposition. Mainly used in distribution systems and provide a desirable low resistance under normal conditions and a high reactance under fault conditions.