Air Core Reactors


Reactors are applied in a variety of different ways within transmission and distribution systems. As such they provide various application related benefits such as enhancing network reliability and safety, extending equipment life, increasing transmission capacity, and improving system efficiency through the reduction of losses.

Applications include Current Limiting, Power Flow Control, Capacitor Switching, Harmonic Filtering, Reactive Power Compensation and HVDC Smoothing.
Design features

  • Epoxy impregnated, fiberglass-encapsulated construction
  • Aluminium construction throughout with all current carrying connections welded
  • Highest mechanical and short-circuit strength
  • Essentially zero radial-voltage stress, with uniformly graded axial-voltage distribution between terminals
  • Low noise levels are maintained throughout the life of the reactor
  • Weatherproof construction, with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Design service life in excess of 30 years
  • Designs available in compliance with ANSI/IEEE, IEC and other major standards
  • Sound mitigation up to 30 dBA


Please download our Reactors Brochure (available in English and Russian) here:

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Product Portfolio
  • Capacitor Damping Reactor

    Capacitor (Damping) Reactors

    Capacitor (Damping) Reactors are designed to be installed in series with a shunt-connected capacitor bank.
  • Current Limiting Reactor

    Current Limiting & Power Flow Control Reactors

    Current Limiting Reactors and Power Flow Control Reactors are series connected on transmission lines up to 765 kV.
  • Electric Arc Furnace

    Electric Arc Furnace Reactors

    The most effective use of buffer reactors for Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) is achieved by operating the furnace at low electrode current and long arc length.
  • Filter Reactors

    Filter Reactors are used in conjunction with capacitor banks to form series tuned harmonic filter circuits, or in conjunction with capacitor banks and resistors to form broadband harmonic filter circuits.
  • HVDC Reactors

    HVDC lines are used for long-distance bulk power transmission as well as back-to-back interconnections between different transmission networks.
  • Neutral Grounding Reactors

    Neutral Grounding Reactors are single phase units, they are provided at specific locations in the transmission network, particularly at the neutral of large power transformers.
  • Shunt Reactors

    Connected phase-to-earth, phase-to-neutral or between phases in a power system to compensate for capacitive current.
  • Test Reactor

    Test Lab Reactors

    Test Lab Reactors are installed in high-voltage and high-power test laboratories.
  • Thyristor Controlled Shunt Reactor

    Thyristor Controlled Shunt Reactors

    Thyristor Controlled Shunt Reactors (TCR) are extensively used in static VAR systems in which reactive VARs are adjusted by thyristor circuits.