Technische Aufsätze

Wir möchten Sie höflichst darauf hinweisen, dass der Bereich Technische Aufsätze zur Zeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar ist.

Innovation and Reliability

Discover how non-conventional technologies can enable smart grids to integrate low power sensor principles into their digital communication setup. A joint paper by Dr. Kerstin Kunde and Dr. Joachim Schmid.

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Power Quality Measurement

The study of Harmonics and Measurement of Power Quality has become an essential factor at all levels of the High Voltage network. Can Instrument Transformers cope with the accuracy requirements for the analysis of network quality?

A paper by  Dr. Kerstin Kunde, Dr. Holger Däumling, Ralf Huth, Hans-Werner Schlierf and Dr. Joachim Schmid.

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