Power Voltage Transformers / SSVT
Power Voltage Transformers / SSVT

Wir möchten Sie höflichst darauf hinweisen, dass der Bereich Power Voltage Transformers  zur Zeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar ist.

Features & Design

  • Combination of Inductive Voltage Transformer and Power Transformer
  • Output power up to 125 kVA
  • Low cost alternative to small power transformers or distribution feeders
  • Compact size and weight as compared to conventional power transformers
  • Excellent control of internal and external insulation stresses through the use of a proprietary finely graded bushing system
  • Exclusive use of corrosion resistant material
  • Output customizable to needs of application site
  • Explosion proof design due to the compressible insulation medium SF6 gas and rupture disk
  • Remote supervision of insulation condition by monitoring internal gas density
  • PT100 temperature sensor available on request



  •  Substation Service Voltage Transformer (SSVT)
  •  Electrification of rural areas
  •  Power supply for cell phone relay stations
  •  Transmission line lighting 


Power Voltage Transformers / SSVT